“Dr. Emily Nye is a true professional and mentor, and she has provided me the editing expertise needed for my PhD dissertation proposal. Her feedback was always positive and helped me to achieve the goal of reaching my Oral Defense of the Proposal, which I passed with ease….Thanks, Dr. Nye.”

– M.S.

“Emily is amazing at editing stories! Her feedback took my collection to a whole new level. Emily’s attention to detail and encouragement made expressing my memories a breeze. I highly recommend Emily for anyone who wants great editing help.”

– L.C.

“I highly recommend Emily as an outstanding tutor.  She has been proving very helpful to both my daughters.  The younger is in high school, gearing up for SAT testing.  The older preparing to apply for a job after her recent college graduation.  Emily is very professional, kind, helpful and knowledgeable.  Her enthusiasm and patience has proven motivational for both daughters.”

– Dr. RV, San Diego

“I have been with my current company for 20 years and was applying for another job within the company.  I had a lot of thoughts and perception of how my resume should look, however when I was done it didn’t have the wow factor I needed to be competitive in the market. I reached out to Emily and she began asking me great probing questions about my accomplishments, previous jobs, and skills. She guided me through the process rather than tell me how my resume should look to gain interest from employers. Emily had an extreme amount of patience with me during my learning of how to look at my skills in a different manner. Emily has been most helpful in my endeavor to improve myself both personally and professionally.”

– D.E.

“Emily is an excellent and conscientious proofreader and editor. She also takes the time to teach me so that over the years I’ve worked with her, I’ve become a better writer as well. I’d recommend her to anyone!”

– Shelli Stein joyinmovement.com

“My book was a memoir of my time in the U.S. Navy. Because the story contained many unique experiences, I had no trouble recalling incidents that happened many years ago. While memory was not a problem, I needed someone with writing and editing experience to review the manuscript for basic nuts and bolts issues like spelling and grammar, I also needed someone to ensure my writing style was clear and accurate. Emily performed each of these tasks well and greatly contributed to the success of the book’s completion and publication.”

– Robert Mahoney http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0065668049/The-Power-of-Ducks.aspx

“As a writer and publisher whose native language is not English, I found Emily’s skills in editing and proofreading excellent. Most proofreaders often do a superficial job and often leave subtle errors in the text. Emily does a thorough job with no need for further revisions, and is extremely responsive. Would highly recommend!”

– Frederic Patenaude http://fredericpatenaude.com