When you and Emily are working together, it’s all about you and helping you achieve your goals.

I hope you don’t mind taking a few minutes to learn more about Emily.

As an editor, teacher, and tutor, Emily Nye keeps this goal in mind: helping you improve your writing skills as well as your polished writing projects.

Emily’s mission is guiding clients and students to craft their words effectively, ultimately expressing what they need to say and successfully fulfilling their writing purpose.

That could mean improving your grades, submitting a stunning college admission essay, revising your memoir, developing your dissertation chapter, or creating your perfect cover letter (to name a few writing projects).

Emily Nye’s Career Path

• She started or re-invented writing centers on college campuses in New Mexico, California, and Hawaii.
• She has been a Humanities professor and writing instructor for more than 20 years.
• Her teaching specialty is first year college composition, and she also enjoys teaching technical writing and information literacy.
• She has published articles on the healing powers of writing as well as intergenerational writing.
• Her professional presentations include research on innovation in writing center practice, online writing centers, and the effectiveness of online writing instruction.

In addition to writing, Emily has more than 15 years of experience as a freelance editor of newsletters, blogs, memoirs, Masters’ theses, and dissertations.


 BA   Humanities  /  Johns Hopkins
 MA Journalism  /  University of Colorado, Boulder
 Ph.D. English & Education  /  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor