Oasis Program

I lead lecture classes online about literature for older adults. Oasis is a national program offering enrichment courses at minimal cost. 

San Diego Community College District

I researched, wrote and embedded the content for the “Rediscovering San Diego” website, as well as selected appropriate graphics and videos. This is part of an 18-week field trip class sponsored by the Emeritus Program of San Diego Community College District. The website provides an in-depth lesson to prepare students for each “rediscovered” venue.

Here are a few examples:

Flight 182

by Emily Nye

Urban Timber: Giving Old Wood New Life

by Emily Nye

A Golden Touch at the Eagle Mining Company

by Emily Nye

Sister Cricket’s Bugapalooza

by Emily Nye

Horses of Tir Na Nog

by Emily Nye

Joyinmovement – Website and Newsletter

Active Menopause Lifestyle – ebook

Shelli Stein

I’ve been editing Shelli’s website and newsletters for 10 years. She is a prolific writer, which requires me to work quickly and efficiently. She also consults with me about word choice and tone of pieces for her select audiences.

Depending on her projects and her deadlines, I provide her with proofreading as well as tips on improving her writing skills. I may be biased, but I see great improvement in her writing!

Nutrition and Health Products

Frederic Patenaude

I’ve edited several works for Frederic, sometimes requiring me to do quick research to become familiar with his field (in this case raw food). Frederic is an excellent writer, though because he is not a native English speaker I correct his English to be more idiomatically correct.

Point Me to the Plane

I’ve been editing Shelli’s travel blogs for several years, including Pointmetotheplane. In addition to proofreading, I also make suggestions about titles, wording, and adding or changing content.

Five Ways to Write Yourself as an Online Student

“Five Ways Online Students Can Improve Their Writing Skills”

Ashford University Blog

As director of the Online writing Center at Ashford University, I wrote these blogs to provide students with online student success strategies.